SkinTek is owned and operated by Ika Brazda, a Czechoslovakian born skin care specialist with International and American training. She has over 30 years experience in Boulder and a devoted local following. She has trained extensively with many world-renowned Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, including Dr. James Fulton, a co-developer of Retin-A.

SkinTek is unique because each client receives a full analysis of his or her skin condition, education about their skin, customized treatments, product recommendations from an exclusive line of products created by Mrs. Brazda herself and ongoing education about long-term skin care. With a dedicated staff of Skin Care Specialists trained in Acne Management and Anti-aging, SkinTek is not just another salon or spa.

Ika and her staff are committed to Long-Term Problem Skin Resolutions. Products at SkinTek are more reasonably priced than most, with two main areas of focus: Anti-Aging Treatments and Specialized Acne Treatments for Teenagers to mature adults.

Shortly after customers begin the SkinTek treatments and start to use the products, we see an improvement in their personalities. As their skin clears up, they gain new self-confidence and feel good about how they look. It’s very gratifying for us to know that we have made a difference in so many people’s lives.

We teach how to become your own skin doctor, what to look for, and most of all, how to get the results they want. Parents are a big part of our treatments. They have to come with kids for the first time, so they too understand what we are doing and how they can reinforce the whole program and support for their kids.

SkinTek’s mission is not limited to acne prevention and treatments. SkinTek has an entire line of products that have been developed to address many other conditions, including dry or sensitive skin, aging/mature skin, irritated skin, and hyper-pigmentation, menopausal etc..

Getting results is what SkinTek is all about.


Customized Skin Care Clinic