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Website Information

Since we have upgraded to a new and more secure online platform, there are a lot of benefits to utilize and we will overview some of the new details below. We will also highlight some of the details of how this website functions.

The major benefit to this upgrade is that you can now create a Skintek.com account and log into Skintek.com that is SSL (secure and encrypted.) This allows you to securely save updated personal and payment information for orders.

Once you have a Skintek.com account all of your order history allong with shipping information and tracking will be available through your Skintek Account the moment they are processed.

ORDER STATUS: Skintek's practical definition of the term 'ship/ped' only in order status means the delivery method you have chosen for your order; it may imply Store Pickup.

Processing - We have received the order, changes can still be made, contact us to 'unlock' your order to add or remove any items.

Ready to Ship - We have received payment and have your order ready for the delivery method that you have chosen. If you have selected Store Pickup you will receive a confirmation via phone or email that your order is confirmed ready for pick up, at which the status of your order will become Ready to Ship.

Shipped - Means that the order has been completed. We have shipped your order or you have picked up the order. You will receive a shipment confirmation email with the tracking information for shipped orders once they are shipped.