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Due to high levels of confusion due to a company using OUR name selling a mole remover product please understand that they are NOT affiliated with our Skintek based out of Boulder, CO and WE DO NOT SELL SUCH A PRODUCT.


 Please do NOT send us the non-functioning product back, we are sending all of those "Back to Sender" so those can further pursue return. For their current contact information for them is support@tryskintek.com // 1-844-347-0748 // info@directresponsemarketing.tv // Their distribution is out of www.RapidFulfillment.com - 1-818-896-0359 

We will provide more information when it becomes available.

, with a Pre-Production Label Discount for $18.60, until we have our new bottles!

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Skin Repair Gel - 2oz The Mask 4oz
Skin Repair Gel - 2oz
Our Price: $32.60
The Mask 4oz
Our Price: $24.50
This healing gel has very powerful ingredients to intensively repair skin damage. A therapeutic mask specifically formulated for acne prone skin.
Vitamin C Powerplex Serum - 1oz
Vitamin C Complex is a free radical scavenger serum that. Diminishes Dark Circles & Puffiness Under Eye - Diminishes the Appearance of Fine Lines helps rejuvenate skin.

Top Sellers

Benzoyl Peroxide QuickFIX 11ml
Our Price: $14.20
Sunblock SPF 30+ 2oz
Our Price: $14.80
Oil Free Moisturizer 2oz
Our Price: $29.75
Daily Micro Exfoliator 8oz
Our Price: $30.50

New Products

Green Tea Toner 8oz
Our Price: $24.75
Grapefruit Facial Cleanser - 8oz
Our Price: $23.25
Hyaluronic Acid Powerplex Serum - 1oz
Our Price: $43.25
Grapefruit Body Butter 8oz
Our Price: $17.10
iCream Anti-Aging 15ml
Our Price: $34.80